Venschine valves use internally developed products from the beginning. At that time, the local processing industry had a great demand for valves. It is mainly composed of papermaking, cellulose industry and power and water supply industry. This means that we have a unique design process for chemical cut-off control valve. The first type of valve manufactured is the so-called regulating valve, which has proved to be a solution for many applications.

Venschine valves are manufactured according to the strict regulations of the German Industrial Safety Administration (TUV) to ensure an operating time of at least 20 to 25 years. During this operation period, Venschine maintains close contact with customers according to after-sales service. The feedback information provided continuously improves the design of high-pressure valve to ensure extremely stable operation. The stress test simulation of the construction process is carried out by using computational fluid dynamics and data analysis methods, which has a direct impact on the construction process.

Therefore, I look forward to persuading you with the best solution to achieve your greatest satisfaction.

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